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The birth of a prestigious address.

Atop its 33 storeys, admire the breathtaking view of Mount Royal and the St-Lawrence River, Altitude Montreal defines the highest standards of quality while defying gravity.


From the moment you enter the lobby, you will be seduced by an astounding architectural statement and warm-hearted welcome. Reach for the sky and indulge in one of our premium basilaire condos, our spectacular Signature suites or one of the luxurious penthouses of the last four storeys.


Soak up the sun year-round and enjoy the everchanging seasonal panorama Montreal has to offer thanks to generous fenestration. Transform your private balcony into your personal stargazing observatory. Experience peace of mind from where “the ground meets the sky”, while being surrounded by the lively charms of a vivid city.


Altitude Montreal is an environment of infinite appeal, a dwelling of gracious refinement, a place where the best services and amenities guarantee the lifestyle you deserve, a place you can call home… Altitude’s unique eloquent design sets the highest standards of comfort and luxury, premium real estate for those who seek the ultimate experience of first class living. A unique architectural statement