The birth of a prestigious address

Daca Group

Honoured with numerous prizes and awards of excellence such as : the ACQ’s 1st prize under the category « Luxurious Projects », ARMATURA’s 1st prize in 2006, and bronze award recipient for the 17th edition of the Grands Prix du Tourisme Québécois gala, Daca has been surpassing the standards within the real estate market for over thirty years. From its inception in 1979, the corporation has always stood out by their will and determination to offer unsurpassed satisfaction of their clientele’s expectations. These values and vision have since contributed to Daca’s ongoing success.


Over the years, Daca has brilliantly overcome every challenge on their path, establishing a solid reputation in the field of residential construction & renovation by building : homes, prestigious condominiums, industrial buildings, office towers and housing buildings throughout the greater Montreal area. The acclaimed St-Gabriel condominium project and the twenty-two storey Phénix Notre-Dame, situated in the International District, are edifying examples of the corporation’s savoir-faire and accomplishments. Among many other outstanding offerings, Daca inaugurated the Marriott Hotel SpringHill Suites in 2001. The Old Montreal project composed of 124 suites and boardrooms was awarded the Marriott Best QA in 2004.


Involved in many other upscale hotel & resort and residential projects, Daca is undoubtedly established as one of few leaders in Quebec’s real estate market.


The inauguration of the Altitude Montreal project is Daca’s prestigious offering, a culmination of 30 years of excellence.


Nicolet, Chartrand, Knoll (NCK)
Structural Engineering

Since its inception in 1969, the firm Nicolet, Chartrand, Knoll (NCK) have become leaders in the design and construction of unconventional structures around the world, structures of a complexity only matched by their scale, most notably : the Louvre pyramid, the CN tower as well as the National Archives of Canada. Throughout the years NCK have been rewarded with many prestigious awards of excellence such as : the Armatura Award, the Award of Excellence from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada, and the Award of excellence from the American Concrete Institute. Alain Déom, who has been with the firm since 1989 and associated as of 2003, has been involved in some of NCK’s most notorious realizations. Déom has participated in projects such as : the P.E-Trudeau airport modernisation, the Hull Casino hotel complex, and the Cité Multimédia de Montréal.